Class member FAQs (updated 11/11/15)

11/11, 7 p.m.  Questions 1-5 were asked of the IP office and the answers are the ones they sent, with the exception of the boldfaced material, which I’ve added.

1. Meal Allowances: How does this work with the winterim program? Wondering how much we are given for meal allowances and how many times are we given this amount? (ex: are we given $100 a week? or $xxx for the entire trip?)

We generally allow an allowance of $5 for breakfast, $5 for lunch and $10 for dinners when they are NOT covered as part of the program’s itinerary. This is only a supplement, and many students feel that they need to kick in more of their own funds – especially when eating out. Usually, on short trips like yours, that is given in one lump sum at the inset of the program, and it will go into the bank account which you provided information on to us.

2. Final cost of the trip?

Now that we have a better grasp of the final numbers, we will be getting to that. All the fluctuation has made that more difficult this year. (Note: I already addressed this on Facebook Nov. 7)

3. Final itinerary?

Dr. Hill has been tweaking a few things with the Australian agents; these are good changes; it looks as though a final version will be ready soon, but you will need talk to him on that. (NOTE: I talked about this Saturday. Except for the actual length of our Jan. 13 music-studio visit, everything is set for the times, most notably the 5-day independent travel, our arrival, our departure, our free days, and our farewell dinner. Everything else is set in terms of actual class and activity times and won’t really change, so any planning you need to do can be done with this info.)

4. Could you send me the link to CISI, because I was looking to purchase travel insurance but if we get health insurance then maybe that will lessen the cost of travel insurance for me…

5. Is there any way I could have email addresses of people who did the winterim trip last year?? Would like to talk with them further on spending money, how to spend our 5 free days, etc…

I will ask Katie or Carol to provide you with a list of last year’s participants. If you don’t hear soon, I suggest you write Carol:

Update 11/11, 9:35 p.m.

6.  Do I need extra passport photos?

I’m not seeing any convincing argument yet about this.  If you lose your passport, they’ll be handy, but you’ll have bigger problems if that happens.  Saving one more trip to take care of photos may be good, but you’ll be in one of the world’s great cities, so if you need more photos, you’ll be able to get them. Here’s one link where travelers talk about it.   If I hear anything from Dr. Tolstedt about this, I’ll pass it on.