Just words

“Just words” is a catch-all category to help me archive posts about various word-related topics that don’t fit into one of my other major categories. There are, however, some subcategories here (some from previous pages downgraded to categories).

Journalism & Teaching

Previously the standalone page “Journo*Teach,” this is an archive page for my posts related to journalism, especially multimedia journalism, and teaching in general.  That is, after all, my “day” job.  About my page name:  see my post on “preposterosity” for an explanation.

Now available: Portage County Gazette online! (has Soundslides slide show example, 11/5/15)

Seriously. How bad is it when even Wikipedia doesn’t want it?  (Why nobody cares, 10/16/15)

Blogging: How often should I post? (6/18/15)

An infuriating day, but potatoes will save Wisconsin (5/21/15)

Help! I can’t teach! (5/17/15)

Words count, even on Facebook (5/15/15)

Governance, Politics & Civic Duties

Leadership, like the outdoors, is never out of season (Gazette column, March 2018)

What is awareness without action? (childhood cancer awareness, 9/20/15)

Meet the new boss (Who runs a university? 8/29/15)

Learning to be brave: Back to school edition (reblog of Rachel Ida Buff’s wonderful post, 8/26/15)

A reblog of sorts … Chuck Rybak’s “UW Struggle: The Impractical Dream” ( Dr. Rybak’s ruminations on the UW system and related topics, 8/23/15)

Democracy inaction:  Video of seawall stonewall (video from Common Council, 8/19/15)

Stevens Pointless: A message from your so-called leaders (Stevens Point seawall, 7/22/15)

Insult to injury: Long-suffering property owners forced to bail out city (Stevens Point seawall, 7/18/15)

Happy 4th of July from Thomas Jefferson (7/4/15)

What the ruling Wisconsin oligarchy allows for universities, government watchdogs (hint: nothing, 7/3/15)

A little more Friday good news from foreign lands (6/26/15)

Reading foreign newspapers brings new perspective (6/15/15)

Metaphors: Is this life and death?  Is it war? (the fight for UW, 6/2/15)

Obey to grads: Ask yourself if these are consistent with your values  (part II of UWSP commencement address, 5/22/15)

Dave Obey to graduates regarding politics: “Only you can change that.” (part I of UWSP commencement address, 5/21/15)

Education is not about profit (5/14/15)

Just Words

Musical interlude: Derek Trucks Band’s “This Sky” (11/1/15)

“About the greatest song ever written about America” (4/28/15)

A musical interlude, brought to you by the didgeridoo (7/8/15)

Ain’t it funny how time slips away? (B.B. King, 5/30/15)

“You say it like that, ain’t nobody gonna pay attention to you.”  (Buddy Guy singing “Feels Like Rain,” 5/19/15)

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