We live in a preposterous world.  Here’s where I’ll archive all my posts on preposterous ideas, or “preposterosity.”  Almost none of the ideas are my own, but that won’t keep me from presenting them, commenting on them, and occasionally proposing them.  Some of the commentary will be satirical.  Some of it won’t be.  In this world, who can tell?

Fight preposterosity. Make up a word! (published 9/13/15)

Buckle up, everybody. (new univer$ity of iowa pre$ident, 9/3/15)

Where’s my spot in the new arena? (published 6/11/15)

Another sure-fire way to save Wisconsin’s budget (published 6/4/15)

Satan, Senators and State Parks (published 5/28/15)

The exorbitant costs of fossil fuel subsidies (published 5/26/15)

An infuriating day, but potatoes will save Wisconsin (published 5/21/15)

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