COMM 373 (Communication and Social Change) is a 3-credit UWSP Division of Communication course set to depart on Dec. 27, 2015, for Sydney.  The course is currently scheduled to end with our return Jan. 17, 2016. An itinerary will be published here before the end of July.  Note that UWSP spring 2016 classes begin Jan. 25, allowing trip participants some time after COMM 373 finishes to travel a bit longer in Australia and New Zealand if they wish.  Below are links from this blog that are related to the COMM 373 trip.  Visit the International Programs/Study Abroad Web site for more information, including contact info for IP and Study Abroad. (last updated 8/24/15) 

The Songlines: An influential work on Aborigines, Australia (11/6/15)

Musical interlude: Derek Trucks Band’s “This Sky” (11/1/15, with text from The Songlines)

Airfare tips:  Parts one, two and three (published 8/6, 8/7, and 8/11/15)

A quick musical interlude brought to you by the didgeridoo (published 7/8/15)

Hey, Aussies … stop making fun of us.  We’re tougher than you think (published 6/30/15)

Maps.ME: A very handy offline map for travelers (published 6/22/15)

Closing of Aboriginal communities drawing worldwide attention (published 5/24/15)

Australian travel videos: A quick, incomplete primer (published 5/13/15)

Late at night, the boabs cut loose (review of Lonely Planet’s Australia, published 5/12/15)

A brief slide show  (Allison Birr’s PowerPoint about her 2014-15 Winterim experience — not narrated, but great photos!)

2014-15 accomodations (We’ll find out soon if we’re staying here again; cost is included in price of trip)

Best Australian guidebooks?  Depends (published 3/2/2015)

The links below are all main pages linked to the menu bar above for the Australia trip.

2015-16 COMM 373 fact sheet  (Basic information about the trip)

2014-15 Syllabus (will be updated in the fall; this is the syllabus for last winterim, but the next one will be substantially similar)

Other useful links:

Applying for a passport:  U.S. government site:  Start at your local post office — review this site before you go.

State Department page on traveling to Australia:  Information on what you need — visa (yes), vaccinations (no), etc.

Test link

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