These are archived posts related to COMM 398, “Words Are Roads.”  Anything about Yellowstone and the Yellowstone Trail, roads, and our national parks will be here.  Check back occasionally for more posts, pages and links. 

Maps.ME: A very handy offline map for travelers (published 6/22/15)

“About the greatest song ever written about America” (“This Land Is Your Land,” 4/28/15)

Top 10 (or so) Reasons to take “Words Are Roads: The Yellowstone Trail” (Updated 5/12/15)

Happy birthday, John Muir! (published 4/21/15)

Greenville, Wisconsin: Trail Town Seeks to Honor its Heritage of Open Land (4/20/15)

Ed Abbey and His Facebook Voice in the Wilderness (4/16/15)

Where is the Yellowstone Trail?  Start on Idea Street.  (4/15/15)

Itinerary  (updated 5/12/15)

Course syllabus as of 5/12/15 (.PDF format; also linked on pull-down menu)

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