Winter walk at Mead overcomes the snowplow blues

The season of man versus nature has arrived.

It’s that time when Wisconsin can’t decide what it wants and the temperatures bounce around with variations of 30 or 40 degrees over the span of days – or even hours, which is where man and nature come in.

More specifically, it’s when a man has to battle for control of his sidewalk over the nature of that one snow-plow driver.

You know – that guy who shows off his prowess at clearing the street in front of your house when all the conditions are just right.

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Rain may fall, but Mead keeps rising above

I recently made my second trip over to the George Mead Wildlife Area, choosing to visit parts of this place I already know a little bit over exploring a new outdoor site.  It worked out well.  Here’s my Portage County Gazette column about my walk, with a few extra pictures thrown in below.