Powers Bluff Offers Himalayan-Sized Fun

Choosing between the year’s best football game and one of the best winter afternoons to get kids outside is always a tough call.

But who cares about kids anyway?

OK – most of us.  At least most of us who don’t drive around with Washington D.C. vanity plates that say “LEGI$L8R” on them.

As an aside: is “D.C. vanity” redundant?

But back to the point. It was a couple of weeks ago, when the Dallas-Green Bay kickoff loomed and I was lining up the salmon dip and beer.

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Time to start asking questions about Rib Mountain proposal

Some potentially bad news confronted me last week, reminding me of what we should all do when that happens: ask lots of questions, and head for the mountains.

Or the mountain.  Because I’m writing literally, not metaphorically.

I am not talking about the possibly apocalyptic farce that is our so-called election or its aftermath.  I’m talking about Rib Mountain State Park, which apparently is still the target of ski-slope expansion plans.

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Who’s planning it?  Why?  Is it viable?  What will it do to our beloved state park?  On balance, will the costs be greater than the benefits? Who exactly will this benefit?

Most importantly – should we go hike more trails over there right now?  The answer to that is yes. Continue reading