Misleading Facebook posts are misleading

I’m trying to follow a new personal rule about Facebook responses: if mine hit two paragraphs, consider a blog post. The potential elimination of overtime pay and a Facebooker’s promiscuous use of the term “misleading” lead me to this post.

legreeHere’s the news that prompted the Facebook post that I ultimately wanted to respond to.  To the left of this paragraph is a screenshot of the original Facebook post and the comment that prompted this response, exactly as the post and comment appeared. The screenshot is a little small and I don’t intend for it to appear misleading, so please click for a more easily read view.

Full disclosure: yes, that last bit was an outright lie.  I blanked out the name of the commenter (using the unofficial colors of Labor Day) and the name of the original poster, because I don’t want to draw undue attention to anyone’s friends, even if they are posting on a public forum. And I did do the hat.

But everything else is just as it appears in real life. Especially the mustache. I swear it on the Internet.

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