A walk around Schmeeckle

This is my  Oct. 22 column for the Portage County Gazette.  The paper’s web site is not quite there yet, but it’s coming soon.  I’ve been a bit distracted lately by my day job, including chairing a faculty search committee.

A swing at the pond on Schmeeckle's Trail of Reflections.

A swing at the pond on Schmeeckle’s Trail of Reflections.

Bad circulation, bad sleeping.  Bad bones, bad muscles, bad mood.  Mental decline.  Shorter life.

Bad week?  More like a bad month.  Or maybe it’s been a month and a half. I don’t remember.

The good thing, though, is a short walk with an old friend reminded me of something I can do to fix those things.  Thanks, Schmeeckle.

I write, of course, about Schmeeckle Reserve, one of the most spectacular offerings of any kind that we have in Stevens Point.  The 280-acre conservancy just north of UW-Stevens Point drew me back for a walk recently, and like any good friend reminded me of the things I already knew but was neglecting.

Among those are the extraordinary benefits that come so freely to us if we just make the effort to get off our tushes and onto the trails – or sidewalks or back streets, for that matter.  Regardless of the route we choose, walking blesses us with the opposite of my list above: better circulation, better sleep, stronger bones and muscles, a longer life, and a hedge against mental decline.

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