Education is not about profit

Although I’ve focused mostly on words related to a couple of trips I’ll be taking with classes, one of my blog’s goals is to give me an outlet to occasionally talk politics and governance.  This is my first occasion for that.

A recent letter to the editor of our local daily set me off a bit.  Here’s my response to that letter. In my response, which appeared in today’s print version of the Stevens Point Journal, the paper included links to both the first letter and to the column from UWSP’s chancellor that got the discussion rolling.

But what did Socrates know? After all, he was mostly a philosopher. In the new educational order, he’d be among the first downsized in the name of efficiency and profit. — from my letter 

Here’s the “too long/did not read” version: despite what some Wisconsin citizens and politicians believe, education and the UW System aren’t supposed to be all about profit and efficiency.

As Chancellor Bernie Patterson noted, there may be times when we need to run “more like a business.”  It’s unfortunate, though, when some folks think that means we are a business.

We’re not.

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