Seriously … how bad is it when Wikipedia doesn’t want it?

Apparently not noteworthy. Source: Wikipedia

While grading my multimedia class podcasts this evening and  trying to determine why some of my students can’t figure out SoundCloud, the cloud-based music- and MP3-hosting service, I ran across the essay linked at the end of this post.

It’s hilarious.

It is, however, written for a serious purpose.  It makes for musicians a point I constantly reinforce for my journalism students: they can’t build credibility without experience, expertise, or at least widespread fame (deserved or not).  Or, failing all of that, at least talking to and citing those with expertise, experience or celebrity.

There are a great number of subjects about which no one cares on Wikipedia. With new bands this is especially important to keep in mind, given that nearly 25% of new pages are about a “garage band” (so-called because of their tendency to only ever play in their parents’ garage) or “Yet Another Myspace (or Facebook or YouTube) Band”, “YAMB” for short. — Wikipedia on Wikipedia

The essay has great lessons, really, for people in any field. It includes a detailed list of indicators marking an article about a band with no street cred.

Source: Wikipedia (I’m not one of those professors).  Because Wikipedia is NOT fond of garage bands.


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