Ice Age Trail at Devil’s Lake offers heavenly wandering

Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail is unique for several reasons, including its lack of directness compared to most of the other 10 National Scenic Trails.

Its S-shaped path terminates in the east near Sturgeon Bay and in the west on the St. Croix River. Driving directly between each terminus would require a trip of about 320 miles. Yet the trail winds about for some 1,120 miles, plus an extra 80 or so for a bifurcation that occurs at Devil’s Lake State Park.

Only the North Country Trail, which runs 4,600 miles through eight states (including northern Wisconsin), comes close to the meandering nature of the Ice Age.  But it is a relatively flattened S in comparison.

Most national trails look more or less like fairly direct lines from one end to another when viewed as a whole.  For me, the wandering Ice Age is more charming. The trail beckons as a way of seeing our fine state rather than plowing through it from beginning to end.

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Got in a few jabs at politicians. Looks like it wasn’t enough.

We recently visited a park honoring one of the all-time great politicians in Gaylord Nelson, so it seemed only just to let the sorry excuses for legislators who have followed him have it once or twice or six times. Here’s a link to my Nov. 2 Portage County Gazette column, in which I take advantage of writing about our trip to Madison to make some allusions to the sad state of Wisconsin political affairs.

At the time of the trip, we were still almost two weeks from election day.  Little did I know that what we’ve seen in Wisconsin lately may just be a precursor of the next several years in the United States.

We did, however, get some great bakery items, so there’s that.