Weather down under

Typical street greenery in the Redfern area.

Typical street greenery in the Redfern area.

These photos represent a spectrum of the open, green, urban spaces I found in Australia during our first week or so of the recent trip Down Under by UW-Stevens Point’s COMM 373 (Communicating Social Change) class.

I was fortunate to be able to chronicle the trip through my Portage County Gazette column. The first of four weekly posts from Sydney and the surrounding environs is linked here.

Read on to see the photo gallery.

Despite being a city of almost 5 million, Sydney is a place where it’s easy to find a tiny oasis of your own for a few minutes or enjoy a more expansive public park.

Several people have asked to see more photos, so I’ll put together galleries to go with my backlog of Gazette links and get them published as I can over the next couple of weeks. It takes a little time to cull, organize, compress, research caption material, and sometimes edit the photos for contrast and color, but I’ll get to all of it eventually.


2 thoughts on “Weather down under

    • Actually, it’s a pretty arid country overall. More humid on the coastlines, of course, and certainly up in the rainforest area of the northeast. But when we were in Sydney, it was pretty nice except for a rainy stretch right in the middle. The bigger issue is the huge ozone hole over that part of the world that makes folks more susceptible to sunburn.

      I would suspect Florida’s average humidity is worse. But it’s got plenty to make up for it! Thanks for visiting.

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