And now for a return from blogging vacation

[Update and disclaimer: it seems the Gazette is finally headed toward a pay wall, and it wasn’t my intent to trick people into buying a subscription; however, I’d already published the post, so rather than take it down, I’ve just added this note and will figure out what happens with my columns next, as we haven’t discussed it. But for the time being, it looks like this was a test and a few of my future columns will still be completely accessible.]

Along about April, I just got a bit worn out and stopped posting for a while.  Some of that probably had to do with the stuff I was posting.

I’ve mostly sworn off the political commentary, and I’ll be focusing a whole lot more on all the fun stuff I get to do from now on.  Some of the other will slip in here and there, as you’ll see if you’re intrepid enough to read my Sept. 8 Gazette column.  It’s about what happens when you let work get to you and how a good bike or boat ride helps cure it all.

And there are a couple of extra photos, just for fun.  Great to be out on the water with my son, Sam, and my friend, former student, and editor Nate Enwald — because he doesn’t like me to call him “boss.”

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