Introducing Les Rob Peeples


Les Rob Peeples asks: Parks — who needs ’em?

So I have a new buddy who wrote me a letter at the Gazette.  (And you can read the whole thing here, although the paywall is apparently coming soon.)

Lester Robert Peeples, who goes by Les Rob to his friends, seems a little too crazy to believe. Funny, though — a lot of folks who write letters are that way.  They come off as caricatures, but we’ve got a caricature running for president and a lot of people ready to vote that way, so we can probably forgive ourselves for being confused about the line between reality and bad dreams.

Les Rob appears to be even more reactionary and libertarian than some of our more pronounced public wackos.  He clearly needs to brush up on his geography and his college football.  Still, I’ve got a feeling he may surprise some people — assuming that he is real, or at least that we hear from him again.


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