Remember the state motto: “Forward”


Creative Commons photo (license here) courtesy of Dawn Ellner. Cropped from original available here.

Here’s an interesting article from Bloomberg Business, announcing that fossil fuels are just that — a relic of the past — and that renewables have brought us to the only future we can feel comfortable about.

Whether the publication is more conservative or more liberal is beside the key point here. It’s a business publication, and its core audience is concerned about business success.  That makes this brief analysis more than worthwhile.  It has an important message that we’ll all need to hammer into our so-called leaders, again and again and again.

“The question is no longer if the world will transition to cleaner energy, but how long it will take,” the article notes.

But here in Wisconsin, we impose special fees on some solar users (let’s just be fair and call it a tax) because they “strain the resources of the grid” by adding electricity back to it during peak solar times (which are often peak electric useage times). As a state, we are  attempting to spread those taxes to ALL individual homeowners with solar panels.

And we’ve tried to pass a special tax on hybrid-car users because they don’t use enough gas (and therefore don’t give “enough” in gas taxes — never mind that we don’t have any kind of graduated tax for general fuel efficiency in an age of increasing fuel efficiency).

This we do while other states are trying to pass incentives for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Solar energy and hybrids are a couple of issues about which the latest Wisconsin news is much tougher to find. But those of us who live here already understand the constant battering of our environment by backward politicians who control our politics for the time being.

We’re lagging in job creation partly because we’ve tied ourselves to dying industries and put constraints on the growing renewable-energy business.

And our state motto is really “Forward?” Forward to what?

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