A riot of wildflowers reminds us of what we’ve been missing

After a long year of working for an employer that’s frequently in the news for all the wrong reasons (see, for instance, exhibits A and B), I am reminded of the toll it takes on a body when we don’t get outdoors enough.  Fortunately, the kids agreed to a quick spring-break trip to Big Bend National Park, which we visited to wrap up an all-too-quick trip to Texas in March.

I can’t remember if this was my fifth or sixth trip there, but the important thing was that it was the kids’ first.  Our 10 days on the road were a little grueling, taking us about 3,600 miles in all (including family & friend visits), and despite getting really worn out by the constant moving from one place to another, the kids loved our trip and say they’re ready to go back.

The photos aren’t of the best quality — my old Galaxy was on its deathbed, so we used Sam’s lower-quality phone for the photos — but the weather was great and the flowers glorious.

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